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Lice Clinic Near Frankfort, KY

Safe and Effective Lice Treatment

If you live in Frankfort, the beautiful capital of Kentucky, then we are your local head lice clinic. It may seem like no big deal to have a head lice clinic near you but if you have young children, we might be the ones to turn your tears of panic into tears of relief during your head lice crisis. Check out our lice clinic near Frankfort, Kentucky in Lexington.

Did you know that 6-12 million children get infested with head lice per year? These are children of no specific race, height, weight or age. Head lice have no connection to uncleanliness or hygiene and recent research actually shows that live lice prefer clean hair to dirty hair. We aren’t telling you to keep your child’s hair dirty, we are just informing you that lice can happen to any child and that it is very common.

Lice aren’t harmful, they are mostly just a nuisance. You will still want to seek head lice treatment because constant lice bites might cause sores on the head and behind the neck and well, who wants a bunch of bugs in their hair? It’s a little disgusting and we are lucky to have the lice removal resources to treat it. Lice can be rather difficult to get rid of in this day and age because lice have mutated to be resistant to many lice treatments, but not ours.

We are the best lice treatment around for our Frankfort neighbors because of our revolutionary AirAllé® treatment that dehydrates lice and nits with just controlled, heated air. What sets up apart from other clinics is that our AirAllé® device doesn’t contain pesticides or chemicals of any kind and is medically proven to work.

We are the lice removal experts. If you find yourself facing head lice, don’t waste your time on harmful chemicals that don’t even work. If you reside in the Frankfort area and need lice treatment, you know who to call. Come to us for lice treatment that is proven to work.

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