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Georgetown Local Lice Removal

Georgetown is a wonderful place to live within Scott County, Kentucky and with an estimated population of 33,000 people and growing, it consists of many families. With young children, comes a lot of responsibility. There’s a big possibility that you may have to deal with head lice sometime in the near or far future. Unfortunately, 6-12 million kids get lice per year and these days, that number is closer to the 12 million. Lice have been around since ancient times and they are not going anywhere anytime soon, except maybe to your child’s head. Sometimes you just can’t avoid lice if your child comes into direct contact with someone who has it. We wish there was a way to kill lice off the face of the earth, but instead we’ve made a clinic for your local lice removal needs. Baby steps, right? When it comes to lice treatment, we’ve got all the answers.

As your leading local lice removal  clinic in the Georgetown area, we know the stress and hassle many parents face when trying to find the best lice treatment. For starters, don’t trust drugstore lice removal products because most of them are proven to be ineffective these days. Lice are different in this day and age than they used to be. They have grown a resistance to many pyrethroids and chemicals used in lice shampoos. Meaning, the shampoo will not kill them. And if the drugstore lice treatments do kill the live lice, they probably won’t kill their eggs. If the eggs are not killed then they hatch into live lice and the cycle goes on and on.

We use a revolutionary technology to treat head lice that you will not find anywhere else. Believe it or not, many lice treatments are harmful to your children, but ours isn’t. We place a special emphasis on safety and effectiveness. And take our word for it, we’ll make the lice treatment process fun for you at our lice clinic.

If you have young children and live in Georgetown, we hope your child never gets head lice, but put our number in your phone just in case.


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