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Lice Treatment Near Me

Lice Clinics of America – Richmond, KY

If your child gets head lice and you live in Richmond, Kentucky, it’s worth the 28 mile (at most) drive to our lice removal clinic. We treat hundreds of kids and their families per year and the parents are always very impressed with our level of professionalism, our expertise in lice removal and our hospitality toward them and their children as we make a potentially fearful experience enjoyable and calm.

AirAllé® Lice Treatment Near Me in Richmond

You may have heard of super lice, which can be your worst enemy in a head lice crisis. Store-bought lice treatments do not effectively fight against super lice but our amazing AirAllé® device does. It’s FDA-cleared, perfectly safe and doesn’t use harmful chemicals or pesticides of any kind. The AirAllé® utilizes warm air to dehydrate head lice and their eggs and has gained attention from various medical research teams. It works and we have proved it time and time again. We also have other options including our do-it-yourself home kit which is more time-consuming but can be done by you in the comfort of your own home. Give us a call if you want to learn more about this revolutionary lice treatment.

Richmond has had cases of super lice and it’s more likely than not to be dealing with super lice when you get an infestation in this day and age. If you live in Richmond and need head lice treatment, give us a call and we’ll talk to you about our options! You can also check out our website.


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