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Local Lice Treatment Near Versailles, Kentucky

Do you reside in the home rule-class city of Versailles, Kentucky and have young children? Are you in need of any local lice treatment? Did you know that 6-12 million children are infested with head lice per year and just about all over-the-counter treatments are ineffective? Your child may be subject to head lice in the near future and sometimes it’s just out of your control. It’s nothing to panic about, kids get head lice all the time. We’ve got the best head lice treatment in the area, our lice clinic is located at 179 Alysheba Way #7204, Lexington, KY 40509. We offer treatment that will be sure to kill head lice and their eggs. We are only about 13 miles from Versailles and our expertise has gained recognition among many parents around the Versailles area.

Brief History of Versailles

The population of Versailles was only about 8, 568 in 2010 with lots of families. Versailles was founded on June 23, 1792 on 80 acres of land owned by Hezekiah Briscoe, who was only a child at the time. How crazy is that? His guardian named the town after Versailles, France in honor of a family friend. The city became known for its thoroughbred horses and other livestock. The city was official in 1837. It was briefly occupied during the American Civil War in both Confederate and Union forces.

Contact Us For One And Done Head Lice Treatment

If you find your child itching away at their little heads and think they may have head lice, give us a call and we’ll make an appointment for a head check. If they do have head lice, we’ll discuss the severity with you and give you our advice on which treatment is best for you. With our treatment, it’s one and done so you won’t have to come back or worry about head lice anymore. We love our Versailles neighbors and we take pride in offering the best most effective lice treatment on the market. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with your local lice center! 859-449-3513.


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